A bit about the SIXBY45 team.

Photos by Rick

I have long toyed with the idea of starting a site. The myriad of goals always seemed to collide however, and with a long & drawn out history with WordPress, hosting, Joomla, and web development the results were the same. Manic bouts of website work followed by long periods of inactivity. Its is because of this that I’ve decided to embrace the simple-ness of SquareSpace, and the desire to allow a free flowing exchange of creativity, ideas, and thoughts on various camera practices that strike my fancy. I invite you to explore, and suggest ideas for topics for any item you think may enhance the content of this site, and thank you for joining me at my little corner of the internet.

*As an aside, I will be setting up future events on our events page, and am always looking to collaborate with models, photographers, and makeup artists in the Chicago area, or nearby. Please don’t hesitate to head to the contact me page and let me know what concepts you have in mind. I do teach classes or 1-on-1 lighting / photography techniques as well - Thanks!