Fujifilm XT-20: Sara Hedgren Looking Good in Black

The lovely Sara Hedgren (link) looks amazing in Black, which matches her lovely ink and provides excellent contrast with the whites of the bedding. This combined with her vibrant hair, and superior posing skill, results in an unbeatable combination of fun images, and a smooth shoot. Please enjoy the below shots of Sara, in black – taken with a Fuji XT-20, and its kit lens the lovely 17-55 3.5-5.6 OIS II. The mirror less Fujifilm is amazing at low shutter speed high ISO shots. I can handhold this combination at 1/30 – 1/25 with no fear of blurry images in a low level shooting environment. Feel free to experiment if you have this particular camera, and any Fujifilm XF lens with optical image stabilization, it is tough to beat!