Poison Ivy? No! It’s the Lovely Ivy Lee – with the Fuji XT-20

If you should ever have the occasion make time to create something truly special with the vivacious and talented Ivy Lee (Link). Mrs. Lee truly does it all, since she both models professionally and owns her very own studio in PA, and is also an avid photographer. It is for this reason I cant recommend her enough, and I have to say she does many cool things, but these are two of my favorites:

One: Brings her own awesome strobe

That’s right! Ivy realized long ago that us photographer folk don’t always have (or want) to bring a giant soft light, perfect for boudoir / glamour work. So she came up with the perfect solution – bringing her own digital step moonlight, with softbox & wireless trigger! Pretty cool, and I have to say I was impressed by the light it creates – even though I confess I did not use the strobe, but the modelling lamp instead.

Two: Wardrobe “cards” she sends to photographers beforehand (also available on her site)

Ok, this is such a simple idea that when I saw it the lightbulb clicked & I was like “aha!”. Ivy Lee does something very cool, she has taken the time to go through her traveling suitcase / wardrobe (you know the big model trunk they carry around) and pick out a bunch of outfits, and clothing items. Then, she has gone ahead and had photos taken of her in each piece like a catalog of sorts. These are then divided into sections, i.e. tops, costumes, lingerie sets, shoes etc. and turned to PDF & image sheets. You will then receive or be able to download these wardrobe comp sheets to plan your shoot together! No longer will you have endless trails of messages such as “But do you have wardrobe like this?” – instead you can specify in advance which items (by #) to bring along to the shoot, and there you have it – the awesomeness of wardrobe cards! Needless to say I’m very impressed, and am recommending this to all my model friends.

The images captured here are from the Fujifilm XT-20, with the 17-55 3.5-5.6 OIS II  kit lens, and I hope you enjoy. The camera will be reviewed in full shortly - Until next time!